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by Emily Taylor
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If you have ever looked at person and tried to identify which country of origin he or she came from, sometimes it’s easy to deduce where they originated from but then you have those that are difficult to recognize. In America we have a cockroach which when looked at looks exactly like an all American cockroach but give it a close eye and you will find a yellow margin on the thorax with yellow streaks at its sides near the wing base. It is very difficult to tell the many species of cockroaches apart but the Australian cockroach is one of the first ones on the list due to its unique preference of wanting a warmer climate, the Australian cockroach is a cosmopolitan species. This little insect is extremely fast, able to dart in and out of rooms without anyone ever noticing. It fits into some of the tiniest crack despite its large size. On Vulcan’s list of pest and problems the Australian cockroach shows up in hot environments and especially baths.

Where do they hide?

Have you ever walked into a steamy bathroom or most likely, out of one? The Australian cockroach love this environment because it’s warm everywhere. The bathroom is the number one place you can find that this particular cockroach is breeding. How can you prevent this cockroach?

– Try taking cold showers – Stop being in a comfortably warm environment – Don’t cook – Stop having a bed – Don’t turn on the heater – Turn off your refrigerator coils – Insulate your garage and remove its garage door

If you looked at this and laughed, it’s because we do these things normally everyday and we can’t possibly see ourselves not doing it or doing without. The cockroach has numerous ways of surviving in the face of what seems like an easy way to kill it. Despite being called the Australian Cockroach, the cockroach itself does not originate from Australia. In fact, it was introduced to Australia and now it seems this bug will never have an end to it because Australia has everything it could ever hope for. It’s hot, humid and rainy most of the year causing the heat to never fade. In America, we have them sporadic throughout the states unable to extinguish their existence.

This is where the professionals at Vulcan Termite and Pest Control come in; while they may not be able to rid the world of the bug itself they can protect your house day in and day out by adding layers of security in your home to protect from these bugs. They will come in and exterminate the problem before it’s too late; reaching those corners you would probably never think of.

The way this bug is handled is your house is inspected and then it’s tented to prevent any toxic gas leaving the house. After this you’re completely roach free and you can eat that sandwich without wondering what might be in it when you weren’t looking. With the extra layers of protection, there is no worry that these bugs will ever come back making sure that the problem is always in check every 30 days and on-site calling.

Emily Taylor is a kindhearted individual who loves the outdoors; she spends most of her time lately working in her yard and tending to her garden if she isn?t writing for cockroach control is a family owned business in Birmingham, AL specializing in getting rid of those unwanted house guests.

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roach control,pest control services

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